Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring the right concrete contractor for the job means getting exceptional quality results, saving time and money as well as enjoying the perks of relying on truly experienced professionals who are ready to execute your precise requirements with ease. At DLC Concrete LLC, we have earned our credibility by being customer service centric while never compromising on the results that we bring to the table. We have covered a lot of queries on this page as a source of reference, and urge new clients to reach out to us if they need even more information provided to them. We are here to serve the community of Tacoma, WA and provide reliable concrete additions while remaining cost-effective when it comes to prices.

What are the perks of concrete?

Any reliable concrete service will highlight the following as the most reliable perks of choosing concrete: durability that is unmatched, fire resistance, affordability and longevity, superior construction speed as well as energy efficiency, the versatility of the material itself, and a lot more. Concrete is, without a doubt, a wonder material ideal for any and all modern construction.

Why is concrete the right material for sidewalks?

Concrete has incredible longevity and is extremely durable. It can withstand rough weather conditions and pressure from heavy foot traffic with ease. Due to its versatility, it can also be poured in any given mold, making the curves in concrete sidewalks more distinct than any other type of sidewalk.

Are you insured?

Yes. Not only do we provide some truly reliable and custom concrete work for our customers, but are also backed by insurance to provide our clients with a boost of confidence that they might need to be certain about relying upon us for all future requirements and highlighting us as their first recommendation to all friends and family that might be looking for concrete experts.

How to make concrete last longer?

In order to make concrete last longer, ensuring it is properly mixed is necessary along with the prevention of premature moisture loss during the pouring process. These are two very essential factors that cannot be neglected. Another factor to consider would be ensuring proper curing time is given to the concrete without any pressure or strain added to its surface.

How experienced are you?

As highly respected professionals that are known for comprehensive concrete projects including backyard concrete patio work, we have more than a decade or 10 years’ worth of experience. We have constantly evolved our approaches and techniques and have thrived in the face of adversity with ease.

We are incredibly confident in our skills to accommodate the precise requirements of our customers and are certain that after referring to this queries page, new clients will come to the same conclusion. To help them be more confident, we are also open to addressing specific questions that they might have and urge them to simply contact DLC Concrete LLC at (253) 270-0111 to get those addressed. We are the ideal choice to make for all things concrete across the entire Tacoma, WA area.