Maintaining Your Concrete Sidewalks

Long-Lasting Concrete

Concrete is arguably among the most cost-effective and long-lasting building materials available today. Even so, regular maintenance is still necessary to keep the surface looking new. The good thing is, there’s something that you can do to keep your concrete structures long-lasting and looking brand-new. So for your concrete sidewalks, be sure to keep it maintained by doing the following:

Clean it regularly.

Cleaning your concrete doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money if you do it frequently. One of the least time-consuming and most effective concrete maintenance practices is routine cleaning. You will not need power washing later on if stains are cleaned up as soon as it occurs or if dust accumulation is removed immediately. It’s good for your concrete and will give your exterior a clean, polished appearance. But a concrete sealcoating might be required for concrete that has suffered severe damage.

Don’t use deicing chemicals.

Avoid using deicing chemicals as much as possible. This is due to the possibility of serious concrete surface damage. Scaling and spalling are two of the obvious symptoms of the harm these chemicals have done. Additionally, concrete is more vulnerable to the harm these chemicals can do to newly-laid concrete structures. The best course of action is to avoid these chemicals for the first year after installing concrete. However, if your concrete has already been harmed, you should get in touch with a qualified concrete contractor right away for repair.

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