Paving Preparations and Tips From a Professional Concrete Contractor

Pavement Preparations for Sidewalk Paving Projects

Paving projects involve more than just laying down asphalt or concrete. You need to prepare the existing surface and surrounding area in order for paving to go smoothly. Preparation will also help ensure that your pavement lasts as long as possible and has minimal maintenance costs over time. Here are some pavement preparations and tips for sidewalk projects provided by a professional concrete contractor:

Excavate and Remove Existing Concrete

Excavating or cutting through the concrete will allow you to remove it and prepare the area for new pavement. Remove dirt and debris from beneath existing concrete slabs, if necessary. If there are utility lines in your area that need to be moved before they can be paved over, this is also a good time to do so.

Remove Base Material and Examine Subgrade

After removing the existing pavement, you will want to examine the subgrade. The subgrade should be level and stable. If there are any dips or bumps in it, they need to be filled with gravel so that you can pave over them without causing problems for pedestrians who use your sidewalks. Also, make sure all utility lines are accessible before beginning work. You don’t want any surprises when they’re being laid!

Reinforce Subgrade With Geogrid

If the subgrade is weak, it may be necessary to install reinforcing geogrid. Geogrid is a fabric that’s applied to the subgrade before paving and helps prevent soil erosion. The amount of geogrid you need will depend on your project and how much reinforcement is required for your specific location. If you’re working with hand tools, lay out the pieces of geogrid according to their size. Place them in an overlapping pattern across the entire area where you want them installed, running perpendicular to traffic flow if possible.

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