What You Can Get From Your Trusted Concrete Service Provider

Options for Your Concrete Patio

When building a patio, there are numerous factors to consider. But first and foremost, you should construct a durable patio that can withstand the weather in your area as well as foot traffic on your property. If you want a long-lasting patio surface, choosing a concrete material might be your best option. Concrete surfaces are among the most popular options today due to their aesthetics and durability. Partner with an expert professional concrete service provider to find the best design that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. Here are two of the most popular designs that you might enjoy:

Wood Plank Stamped Concrete Patio

If you’re among those homeowners who are aiming to achieve the elegant and timeless look of a wooden patio, then opting for a wood plank concrete patio might be the best option you can have. This patio design used wooden planks to stamp the concrete. Once laid by an expert concrete contractor, you’ll have an outdoor entertaining area that has the feel and look of a classic wooden patio. But in order to achieve the exact look that you desire, partnering with a professional contractor is a must. Professionals have the skills, tools, and expertise to meet or even go beyond your expectations.

Tiered Concrete Patio

You can choose a tiered concrete patio if you prefer the look of natural grouted stone over a wooden plank patio. It has the appearance of an expensive natural stone but at a lower cost. Professionals will color the basic concrete with a pale blue color hardener to achieve a bluestone look for your patio. It will then be highlighted with a high-quality custom-mixed highlight color. When finished, your patio will resemble a hand-laid stone. You should think about tiered concrete patio design when renovating your concrete patio.

What You Can Do Next

These are just some of the options you have if you’re deciding to have a concrete patio installed on your property. Are you ready to hire a professional? Call DLC Concrete LLC at (253) 270-0111 today for a high-quality concrete service in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas!